The Testo 320 is a high-quality measuring instrument for efficient flue gas analysis. Its wide measuring range makes it a reliable tool for eliminating malfunctions, monitoring legal limit values, and servicing heating systems. 

The 320 has two measurement sensors for O2 and CO, as well as a temperature sensor integrated into the flue gas probe, for direct temperature measurment. From this data, the instrument calculates all relevant flue gas measurement parameters, including: CO2 value, efficiency, excess air, and flue gas loss. Additionally, direct draught and pressure measurements are also possible. Using the fine pressure probe (sold separately), the flue draught or gas pressure values can be measured parallel to the flue gas measurement. 

You can depend on the 320 for every measurement task on a heating system. It offers numerous measurement menus, including flue gas, draught, differential pressure, and ambient CO. And with a large selection of probes and accessories, the 320 is a flexible, expandable platform to accomplish a wide variety of measurements, and an excellent basic combustion analyzer.