Whether you are testing for compliance or troubleshooting and tuning your combustion process, the Testo 350 portable emissions analyzer offers everything you need. The ultra-rugged construction, simple intuitive operation, and innovative measurement technology sets the worldwide standard in emission testing and combustion analysis.

Built in Germany from the highest-quality materials, the 350 was designed to handle the tough conditions and constant use often experienced by field technicians. Which is why the 350 boasts a hardened ABS plastic housing, padded electrical components for drop and bump protection, and high-grade industrial connectors. No matter how rough the conditions, you can count on the 350 to provide accurate readings and dependable service.

And testing couldn't be easier: simply use the hand-held wireless controller to select the fuel you're testing, and the 350 automatically selects all the proper settings. The proper parameters, correct calculations, and real diagnostics are displayed in HD color from up to 300 feet away, making testing easier and safer.

The exclusive sensor design, patented gas paths, active sample conditioning, intelligent automatic data logging, and pre-programmed testing protocols mean testing has never been more accurate or more straightforward. 


No matter your combustion testing application, you can use the Testo 350 to get the most fastest and most accurate readings. Just tell us what you need to test, and see how you can streamline and simplify your testing process by switching to the Testo 350. To begin, please select a testing application:



  • Combined Electrochemical and Infrared sensors give long-term measurement stability and superior response
  • Advanced temperature monitoring combined with new thermal control strategies provide unwavering results and confidence in your measurements
  • Intelligent onboard diagnostics provide detailed information and the corrective action required
  • Digital sensors store calibration data, temperature compensation data, and interference filter, removing the need for calibration before installation. Just plug in and begin testing


  • Flow-controlled pump and gas paths (built with non-reactive materials) automatically correct for positive or negative pressure. No more fumbling with valves and flow meters
  • Powerful pump pulls high-velocity samples for faster response and better sample integrity
  • Thermoelectric sample conditioner and peristaltic pump automatically remove moisture and provide a dry sample for more accurate results and EPA Testing & Compliance
  • Built-in dilution system prevents damage and ensures accurate readings in high-concentration applications


Click the images below to see why the 350 is the most innovative, most rugged, and most accurate analyzer ever made.



From the heart-stopping performance of a Porsche 911, to the surgical precision of a Heckler & Koch pistol, to the stunning watches of A. Lange & Söhne, Germans set the standard to which all others follow, and Testo is no exception.

Designed and manufactured at their state-of-the-art facility in Lenzkirch, Baden-Württemberg, the 350 is the benchmark for combustion analyzers. With typical German dedication to quality and a fastidious eye for detail, highly-skilled technicians assemble the 350, before sending it to the advanced on-site laboratory for rigorous inspection, testing, and calibration.

This inerrant commitment to quality shows in every detail of the 350, and when compared to the slipshod Chinese-made competitors, the difference is glaring. Don't accept a flimsy imitation. Choose the brand professionals around the world trust for accurate, reliable gas analysis.