Ace Power Solutions, Inc. carries a full range of products from the best manufacturers in the industry. We have extensive experience assisting customers find the right product for their application. From the purchasing process, to installation, to product questions and technical support, we are your partner in finding and implementing the best solutions for your process & power generation needs. Learn more about our product lines below, or call our office at (423) 634-3240 to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives, who can answer any questions about our products, and help your find the perfect solution for your application and budget.

Combustion Products

Forney has maintained their position as a leading equipment manufacturer of power plant and large industrial systems for more than 85 years by designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing the most innovative and durable combustion equipment on the market. Forney's full line of combustion products includes burners, igniters, flame detectors, Burner Management Systems, and duct burners.

Combustion Analyzers

The world leader in measuring technologies, Testo builds high-quality combustion analyzers in Germany. Famed for their accuracy and dependability, an analyzer from Testo is a cost-effective solution for even the most difficult applications. We are an Authorized Emissions Distributor for Testo, and as such, we sell the full range of Testo products, including the Testo 340 & 350 combustion analyzers. 

Flow Control Valves & Desuperheaters

The Copes-Vulcan brand is renowned for the unbelievable ruggedness and durability of their valves. Many Copes-Vulcan valves we deal with at Ace Power Solutions have been in service for decades, needing only replacement trim sets and other minor parts. Designed to handle the most punishing conditions, a valve from Copes-Vulcan will operate dependably in your application for years to come. 

Skotch Burner Shut-Off Valves

ITT Skotch burner safety shut-off valves for gas-fired systems combine the function of three valves into one unit for increased safety and reliability while reducing installation time and labor cost. These valves have gained extensive usage in many industries, servicing customers in power generation, pulp and paper, refining, chemical process, pharmaceutical/bioprocessing and pollution control markets.

SCR Catalyst Regeneration

SCR-Tech is the worldwide leader in SCR catalyst management and regeneration technologies. With unique knowledge of coal fired boilers from burners to stack, and patented regeneration process, SCR-Tech can provide clients with unique and strategic solutions that result in significant savings in operating and capital costs. SCR-Tech is the only American owned and operated catalyst management and regeneration company in the world.


Skidded Assemblies 

We are proud to sell skidded assemblies by Vector Systems of McKinney, Texas. Since their founding in 1987, Vector Systems has gained a reputation in the power industry for producing high-quality, tough-as-nails, and innovative solutions for even the most difficult applications. Contact us for a quote today, and see how a skidded assembly from Vector Systems can work for you.


Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

REXA actuators and drives provide customers with exceptional reliability and solid construction. Electraulic™ Technology combines the simplicity of electric operation, hydraulic power, the dependability of solid state electronics, and the flexibility of user configured controls. Our proven electro-hydraulic design includes self-contained actuator mounted hydraulics, requiring lower maintenance, and minimal power consumption.


High-Quality Butterfly Damper Valves

Process Development & Control is a leading manufacturer of industrial butterfly valves for HVAC, furnace, power, blower and exhaust air transfer systems, in addition to special service applications. PDC offers customers a wide variety of materials for construction options and design specifications. Learn how PDC Valves can stand up to even the most demanding applications. 

Duct Balloons for Isolation & Inflatable Work Platforms

A unique and innovative solution to a common problem, a Duct Balloon is the fastest, easiest way to quickly seal off air flow. Constructed of wear resistant fabrics, with some rated up to 500°F (260ºC), a duct balloon can stand up to the toughest jobs. Using the supplied blower system, they install quickly and fully inflate in five minutes or less. And when you need to remove the barrier, simply turn off the blower and open the large deflation zipper. Simple, easy, and cost effective. 

Sonic Horns for SCR Ash Sweeping

Audiosonic acoustic cleaning is a non-intrusive technology designed to remove particulate buildup of dry materials in many industrial applications. ACS sonic horns manufactured by ACS provide a highly efficient, cost-effective solution to eliminate buildup, blockage, and thermal transfer problems.