SCR-Tech is the worldwide leader in SCR catalyst management and regeneration technologies. With unique knowledge of coal fired boilers from burners to stack, and patented regeneration process, SCR-Tech can provide clients with unique and strategic solutions that result in significant savings in operating and capital costs. SCR-Tech is the only American owned and operated catalyst management and regeneration company in the world.



Minimizing overall costs for a single SCR system or for large fleets requires an intimate knowledge of catalyst, its replacement, rejuvenation and regeneration cycles, and how a plant’s upstream and downstream equipment and fuels fired can play a factor in its performance. Effective catalyst management often means cutting ties with a “one size fits all” approach. The best and / or most cost-effective solution often results from flexibility in catalyst selection, methods of replenishment, and an informed management approach.

SCR-Tech develops catalyst management plans for its customers consistent with catalyst activity decay, ammonia slip and scheduled outages, with the understanding that some plants make a market in ash. SCR-Tech’s comprehensive catalyst management programs include performing inspections, AIG tuning, computer simulation and tracking of catalyst decay rates, evaluating the effects of fuels fired, providing catalyst test programs and guidance on catalyst interchangeability between units with options for new, brokered, rejuvenated and regenerated catalyst for either a single unit, a plant site, or the entire fleet. As part of its catalyst management program, SCR-Tech offers a customized catalyst regeneration plan scheduled around planned outages.


A compelling economic alternative to purchasing new catalyst, SCR-Tech offers proprietary and patented processes based on advanced technologies that can improve the NOx removal efficiency and extend the useful life of installed SCR catalyst. In addition to physically cleaning and rejuvenating even the most severely plugged or blinded catalyst, our innovative regeneration processes are capable of chemically reactivating poisoned and deactivated catalyst.

For catalyst that has significantly deactivated and that may also be severely plugged, blinded or poisoned, SCR-Tech offers an off-site regeneration process that restores deactivated SCR catalyst back to its original specifications and catalytic activity, often to activity levels beyond original. SCR-Tech’s proprietary ReGen™ process involves removing the deactivated catalyst modules from the SCR unit and shipping them to SCR-Tech’s regeneration facility where the catalyst is both cleaned and chemically reactivated.


  • Significant cost savings through catalyst regeneration versus purchasing new catalyst
  • Total SCR System Management Programs
  • Field Services – SCR inspections, AIG tuning, sample removal, troubleshooting
  • Extending the life of installed SCR catalyst
  • Reduction of the overall NOx compliance costs for coal-fired power plant operators
  • Reducing the conversion of SO2 to SO3
  • Mercury oxidation across the regenerated SCR catalyst
  • Effective catalyst management strategies
  • Managed catalyst inventory programs
  • More than 140 years of comprehensive environmental and power generation industry experience