The Copes-Vulcan brand is renowned for the unbelievable ruggedness and durability of their valves. Many Copes-Vulcan valves we deal with at Ace Power Solutions have been in service for decades, needing only replacement trim sets and other minor parts. Designed to handle the most punishing conditions, a valve from Copes-Vulcan will operate dependably in your application for years to come. 


The General Service Valve line continues Copes-Vulcan's tradition of designing and manufacturing control valves that provide both exceptional service and outstanding value. Representing significant refinement in design and performance for general service globe style control valves, the GS-General Service Valves combine the most advanced levels of body configuration, trims and actuation to produce a valve assembly capable of premium performance at a competitive price.

Copes-Vulcan manufactures general service control valves for a wide variety of non-severe applications, including:

  • Heater Drains
  • Gas and Fuel Oil Control
  • Feedwater Control
  • Steam/Gas Pressure Reduction
  • Many other Flow Control Applications


The Severe Duty valve is Copes-Vulcan's premium severe duty and critical service control valve design. The Severe Duty line is the next generation of control valves designed specifically for severe duty applications. It is the preferred style of valve for applications such as:

  • Pump Recirculation
  • Feedwater Control and Feedwater Start-up
  • Flashing or Cavitating Service
  • Critical Pressure Drop Gas and Steam Service
  • Any Other Potentially Noisy or Vibration-Prone Service

Additionally, the Severe Duty line incorporates a number of improvements such as:

  • Quick-disconnect between valve stem and actuator yoke, greatly simplifying service and inspection
  • Extensive array of standard trims, including many previously offered only as custom designs
  • Shorter lead times and quicker delivery of both entire valve assemblies and replacement parts


Copes-Vulcan has been providing valves to the Power, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, and Petrochemical industries since 1903, and is recognized worldwide as a leader in valves for severe and critical service applications. 

Copes-Vulcan produces a wide range of valves and trim types. No matter which trim you select for your application, including Multi-Stage Hush and RAVEN custom trims, it can be fitted to any Copes-Vulcan globe valve or steam conditioning valve. And with over 110 years making valves and trims, you can be sure Copes-Vulcan has the expertise to provide the right trim for your application. 


Copes-Vulcan manufactures a wide range of desuperheaters for the power, process, and nuclear industries. Built for severe duty in the most punishing environments, Copes-Vulcan desuperheaters are the industry standard when it comes to reliability. And with many different models and trim sets available, Copes-Vulcan has a desuperheater for your application.